Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to treat your next Pastor

The Citychurch ministry was born out of many struggles our family and my father, Pastor Don E. Lane, went through in the years leading up to his illness and the start of our ministry in downtown Amarillo. In 1996, after almost thirty years in the ministry, as a family, we started Citychurch with a vision of ministry, unhindered by the distractions that you find in "normal" churches each week. We were led by a desire, to equip and hand over the ministry to the people who had the heart to do the ministry. The result is a ministry led by a family and volunteers who are in the community each day doing the work.

Today I found a sermon that my dad preached back in 1991 at Crestmont Baptist Church in Burleson, Tx, entitled "How to treat your next Pastor." Listening to this sermon brought back the memories of all the frustrations that we faced early in the ministry. It also made me appreciate the freedom with which we get to work here at Citychurch. But the coolest thing is, as I listened to this sermon that was preached almost twenty years ago, I saw glimpses of the Vision that God was giving us as a family.

As we work at Citychurch we draw spiritual encouragement from the work that God allows us to do in the ministry and the lives that are changed. But also, we receive great inspiration from seeing a church that has the liberty to do it's work unhindered.

Please Take the time to listen to the sermon by Don E. Lane: How to treat your next Pastor.