Tuesday, July 22, 2008

replacing my macbook

Today I ordered a new Macbook Pro to replace my Macbook I use for web and studio stuff. I didn't need a new computer, in fact I just bought this one.  But in September I am taking a mission trip to The Philippines and one of the things I am doing there is  giving my Macbook away. The people that are missionaries there have a television station and about a month ago they came to Amarillo looking for Citychurch. YES, They came from The Philippines to Amarillo, TX looking for Citychurch. They had seen our show there in The Philippines on the GLC Network and have started to develop their ministry using some of the same methods of feeding and ministering in the villages. It was very humbling to hear how they watched our T.V. show, on feeding, and then went in to the villages, with carts full of rice bowls, to feed children.

When they came a month ago I gave them a dv camera from the studio. When they got back to the Philippines they started to shoot and broadcast their show with the camera. The broadcast rules there are very lax. From what I gathered anyone that can transmit can broadcast. They have a transmitter therefore they broadcast.:)

They have invited us to come in September to help them develop there television studio to be more effective in reaching the people watching. I'm taking the computer and some other equipment  to help them get started. That is what I love about the ministry at Citychurch, nothing is off limits. We can give everything away, including our computers if we have to, so we can reach more people with The Gospel and God is faithful to give it right back.

I will continue to update on the upcoming mission trip to The Philippines.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

"help" in the studio

The summer is flying buy at the studio. Staying busy editing, and producing the show each week has caused a pile up in the studio. I looked across my desk the other day and there was a stack of tapes and avalanching on my keyboard. I was getting to the point were I was having to shove whole stacks of remotes, cases, water bottles, and everything else aside just to work. So Yesterday Andrew and I cleaned... well mostly I cleaned wile Andrew played with everything in the office that he could get his hands on. (see video above) But now it is clean and ready for the rest of the summer production. Below are some pics of the mess.

The video server is not a good place for drinks.

Last weeks tapes

Cameras charging


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

back from Houston

back from Houston from James Lane on Vimeo.
We are back from Houston. Jennifer shot this video in the car on our way back under my direction.:) Exciting!! We did have fun though, just chilling out and not thinking about editing video or computers or ballets (see finished with editing for now vlog). Below is a list of thank yous for the trip:

Thanks to:
1. M&Ms well the red,green,yellow,and brown ones.I always thought the blue ones were posers. 

2. All law enforcement for not pulling me over.

3. the VW Passat 32MPG!

4. A store in madison that finally had the good sunflower seeds.

5. Jennifer for letting me stop at about 15 stores to look for the good sunflower seeds.

6. Starbucks and all mater of caffeine drinks.

7. My blackberry 8820 for keeping me updated on all the twitter heads and my emails.

8. GPS! The greatest invention since the internet.

9. Jennifer's ipod 

10. God. For the safe trip.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

at the beach

at the beach from James Lane on Vimeo.
Today we went to the beach down in galveston. Here are some random shots I put together. I like the end the best. Andrew found out what happens if you feed the birds.:) All of the audio sounded the same so I decided to use music that is NOT the norm for me. I almost always would rather have the original audio on the video. But I think the music turned out cool.